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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 7, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> all did tuesday morning, your first day back their work after labor day holiday weekend. they bridge approach traffic is nice and light erica's standing by at the check and your commute first-aid check on your weather forecast. louisa. >> and big cool down. today we're going to see more fog rolling into the picture even a little more than a coastal fog. and for this week much fraud year. school year. here's a look outside, giving you an idea 55 san francisco, 58 oakland. there are some tempters up in the
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'60s. 63 concord still in the upper 50s this morning for
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18 minute trip. over and to read this and tear, just a couple of taillights making their way in the commuter train. those
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headlights action coming in the non commute direction making their way into hayward. i do want to remind you that the westbound 92 connector to sell about 800 is currently shut down for construction is really not causing any concerns and traffic is so nice, light. from minister and to end. it is also very smooth sailing rid of the golden gate, just a couple cars on the deck. deftly moving at the limit. no problems whatsoever for yourself down limit. caulking in just 22 minutes. james. who thank you >>. aerial shots of a commercial building on fire this is a fairly vacant two-story loathsome who brokered a 2:30 a.m. sharp retort is on south michigan avenue the roof is a fairly crops. no reports of any injuries, therefore we seeing
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blue flames first time coming of the roof. their of their turn to get a handle on it. the cause is unknown, according the internet listings the building was at one time a showroom, but that is reported to be taken now for july no one is inside the window. there are some buildings nearby but this one firefighters are taking a defensive to the current structure. we'll keep an eye for any more updates as a story develops. environmental emergency an old tugboat so the gallons of four of oil into the river for is our working through the night trying to contain an oil and i shall still it is discovered this the morning. by some kayakers to some of the sheen on the water near the
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petaluma and marina. the fire department along with fish and game responded by turning boone's as his father and hides into the water, investigators say the smoke came from there is being dismantled for salvage officials say it's unclear how much is both the sheen to stretch for least 2 mi. manner of kron4 is easy to resume the man about opposition to do so. >> was a tug there was a negative view shared. the tugboat and barge company dodgers far from here their basic science and practice spokesperson for the doorman
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said that part of their investigation is finding so did the company owned the tugboat has a permit to dismantle here next to the river. over the phone and ask representative of the company that owns the tugboat the same question. >> to give a permit to do this work? >> i can i give you any information. >> it isn't possible fines for a while clean-up operation there could be criminal charges if the investigation reveals that they did not go to the proper channels before starting to cell was operation. in any case this whole setup is highly unusual. it is not in all this done. >> officials say could take up to three days to finish the cleanup. of this point there's no word on the effect of this might have on area wildlife so far the band northport's. will let you know. search efforts
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will resume. for in man that has been missing for nearly two weeks. frederick cells may been killed by the same man who killed his father was so driven people. investigators had found no clues to the whereabouts of frederick cells despite four days of going through the trash. here you concede they've placed from a mobile command unit arriving to the landfill date for the search began at 8:00 a.m.. there were 20 volunteers here with hard hats like these and gloves carefully sifting through 1 a. of trash. that's 3,000 t the only clue they have found as a place of letter that shows there are indeed looking to trash from hercules. >> they're determined to get the last piece of debris they're still hoping. they'll keep looking until they're done.
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>> the centers for terminally peace for peace> investigators are focusing is a on this land fill because it was part from the north shore of business or who the park is where this will all on escalade driven by efren valdemoro was discovered monday. efren valdemoro also worked as a security guard and the real world. it provided no clues but the trash are then removed. if this is not pan out investigators it will not give up. >> if they do not find anything they will continue to work with the family, friends and solicit impression from the community. >> investigators say the search for continue until they visited tirana 3,000 t. >> our coverage of the most farmers can news online. we have full details of is anything new develops be sure that will have the latest. we also have new details
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on dollars this plane crash in redwood shores that killed three people. we're told the third victim in that crash has been identified a 73 year-old william high nikki. that plane crash thursday after taking off. brian gorman says also died. all the plans are out. they're expected to release a report early next week. it could take it to nine months. a man accused of shooting five young a lead in the shooting and last week in oakland. that gang member is charged with 10 felonies he faces life in prison if convicted.
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all 75 degrees is a high. assembly notice the difference in say afternoon. right now tablatures thursday in the '50s, '60s 58 degrees and your oakland. still looking for sixties warm-up and if fairfield and antioch. 63 for concord down to the south bay, you temperatures are the low 60s. by the 10:00 hour slow to warm '60s
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may we refuse seven days for the month the same story by noon rally not changing. mr. to fill a little warm temperatures only tapping out in the '70s. '60s on the coast. maybe even a few eighties on in places like santa rosa and further inland. afternoon highs stay in the '70s. along the coastline big difference in temperatures. dropping down to 63 in half moon bay 73 for herve 72 degrees in rhetoric city. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continues to keep those cool temperatures around and backed by tomorrow we can drop off even more than that. getting into the
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'70s the low sixties around the bay '50s for the ghost. a little bit of drizzle expected to mark as the fog starts to move around. the vehicle for the remainder of the week even into the weekend off. check and your morning commute with character. >> thank you. no hot spots, problem spots, delays. easygoing ride at the bay bridge, just a couple cars on the original file heavier a that is because everyone is heading back to work after labor day no signs of any overnight construction red in the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont is still rocking in the minutes. no problems on your right to san mateo, nice, easy conditions as you make your way . those heather is making their way into hayward, was five connector should down for some
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overnight construction that is not causing any delays. golden gate, just a few cars on the road headed southbound direction of water to san francisco just 22 minutes i 37580 is assured a minute trip. finishing off with a shot of this of the coming years 101 very few cars on road clear sarah brown ride a little more companies to make your way headed northbound in the commune direction so keeping very low drives and your ride from downtown san jose to san clara trove mets. james. >> thank you. drivers along south on highway 680 will soon have more options to avoid traffic jams work on the project starts this week and kron4 creeks are sure this is an average chance to use for brawling but it will cost you. >> this stretch of concrete gimme used there will be a new kind of car pooling stretching from fremont to or greater. work
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is about to start on a new lanes to sign for more dangerous cars with two or more people. solo drivers will be able to use it for price. though airlines will be installed will be limited to clause bowline and the entry points. the transportation commission says or crossfire-$6 fuzzies fast-track from 5-6:08 p.m.. there will run for 14 mi. there will be to and your point when higher 84 id issue over art. current her polio israel views the leonel like any other in the bay area. >> mean less emphasis on mayor gavin newsom candidate for lieutenant governor and joined other top of the ticket caroming car. in l.a. yesterday for labor day rally. you see in their it serves as the unofficial kickoff to the general election season. it included barbara boxer, the
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canada for turning general paris. jerry brown to is also running for governor he was there as well. immediately after jerry brown headed to oakland for another labor day rally hundreds of union workers and supporters attended the event take a listen. >> this is a really important election there is no more important in the whole country and the jury's women running around in a bubble. there's a lot of stuff going on. the i understand the state, i care about this is something i've been involved with that sort of votary election. that's our run for office eyecare but the stuff i run for my father of public service is honorable. i want to go back to sacramento and take california. (no audio) (applause) >> in the race for governor jerry brown has now started to answer the $100 million
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campaign then make women he released his first tv ad of the general action, take a look. >> as governor to cut ways, the mention, low-budget to balance. world-class schools, universities clean energy promoted 1.9 million new jobs california is working. >> i injure brown california needs major changes we're to live within our means return power and decision making to local level close to the people. jerry brown. knowledge and know- how to the california working again. >> women's campaign of course responded to that ad by calling it " a misleading historic renovation of brown's record growth keeping deer to kron for the latest. as we had to break let's go outside and you live look of james lick traffic is very well here in san francisco,
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and reared back, live pictures from the coast of texas. and as ways beginning to pick up as tropical storm. mean it makes its way towards the mexico u.s. border. there is a hurricane watch in effect in texas. were there is getting nasty. it is
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expected to gain some strength, /for this is a big concern out there in texas they're keeping an eye and not all lot of rain is expected to come. that is one of the developing stories. we're also falling some world headlines here's a big update on that volcano in indonesia. it is reportedly sounded off again. officials say the volcano is powerful eruptions since coming back to life were talking vote directed this morning testing villages even 15 mi. away. some villages are reporting seeing magma for the first time that volcano had been dormant for some 400 years and now is rumbling back to life. meanwhile dozens of people have been killed in mudslides in guatemala searchers are still pulling bodies from the mud covered highway where they were back-to- back mudslides. you're looking at the scene where a bus and some kurds were buried when part
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of a hillside above came sliding down. the national emergency has been declared and the death toll is expected to grow thousands of homes have been damaged by the nasty weather out there. flooding is also a big from mostar area some parts of vitoria are bracing for is the worst as flood's toll on workers continued dp. people have been evacuated although some of the slow to get out you can see they need boats to rescue a good number of them authorities are afraid that sklar residents will be dropped. cashflow it's only sector to get worse. closer to home in colorado a while fighter has destroyed dozens of homes. the fire burglarious the morning northwester boulder is rapidly spreading 3,500 a. have been ordered about a thousand homes evacuated that smoking is seen as far away as denver. three
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deputies or their lives when they pull the man from a burning car this weekend it was all, video. you can see them arriving to find a driver dropped inside they quickly got the extinguishers try to knock the flames of there was a gasoline on feeding the fire so they could that get put out another driver stopped then the health, deputies ruble to break the window and poll of 56 road man from the car. pretty amazing. we will take a break, here's the forecast as we go to break. another world headed back toward 81 degrees expected inland this afternoon wheezy as well, 67 around the bay, 59 along the coast as it headed to market cools off livermore dropping some 11 degrees inland and maybe even a chance to drizzle. keeping a mild as we head for the week. still unseasonably cool as we had in september. a live look worse for
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the zero with headlights from her to burke. part traffic is moving right well. a soldier or they're gone awry. coming out.
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in the rear back, live pictures from katy bar eight or falling the latest with troubles storm for me. lashings texas of heavy rain strong winds here's an area battered by iraq in alex earlier this summer you can see the service beginning to build as all eyes are watching the storm makes landfall in mexico late yesterday. frosted the south texas just a few hours after that is threatening to dump some 12 in. of rain and that is approaching a real threat. everyone in texas is bracing for this will fall love story, get your updates for the morning. local forecast the latest with louisa. cool
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forecast good morning. >> absolutely. especially as we head towards the afternoon as a difference a clear shot of the golden gate, however we are seeing a little bit of the coastal fog started to read the realm. much colder forecast for today and foggy and cool week ahead here's a look better cool down this is how much cooler temperatures are today. san francisco dropped from about 22 degrees. oakland about 1920 degree drop. san jose come lemond you talking 1819 degrees. certainly a difference or more were yesterday. by about the 10:00 hour on the sitting in the fifties and seventies today. by noon same story not warming a much more than them. none really is our 3:00 hour afternoon highs to to to begin. temperatures
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possibly into the east. '80s. bo pretty chilly day to day especially compared to what we're used to. 80 degrees and his generous of. 7-sonoma. dennis xenophobe, mill valley temperatures in the low 70's not getting out of the 60s today in san francisco, daly city even sam to pay off only getting up to 68. 63 months of berkeley and oakland hayward, union city, fremont low seventies for the most part in this and in spots warming in places like antioch up to 81 degrees. south bay keeping the temperatures in the mid-upper '70's. a little bit cooler mountain view. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does show a cool temperature in fact we could drop as tempters even more to rob. the fog sets and could produce and drizzle drops. you
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know the drill where it's used to this pattern of foggy, cooler weather the rest of the week. they're good. >> thank you. the benefit of waking up early as the trouble- free delays free conditions that is defecates on your right to san francisco. cars are moving pretty fast out there. no problems, delays in mount central of your making your way headed east bound it is also very smooth sailing ride. from 10180 split clocking in a 16 minute drive rainout. over on to read your mill bridge, here's one no one bid is a pretty smooth going ride the not too much company on or raise a especially easy as you make your way down towards palo alto. rubbing up heading overseas bay, walnut creek. 680 in both directions snaky along just fine just check the sensors westbound 24 is also a delay for a ride. averaging 60 mi. per hour. your ride from on the tree to the caldecott a minute.
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james. >> thank you. more news and environmental emergency near petaluma and old tugboat spilled gallons of oil and fuel into the river. cleanup crews of the working overnight train to get that all mopped up. there was discovered yesterday morning in our breasts and kayakers his son sheen of water near the marina. the fire department along with fish and game responded. you can see them during booms out. investigators say that smoking from all tugboat those being dismantled for salvage. officials say it is unclear how much oil has spilled. but that she apparently does stretch for a least 2 mi. on the water. meanwhile kron4 found out the workers dismantling the boat in may not have had authorization to do so. >> an oil spill from this type for you see right here has caused environmental emergency. officials from the department of
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fish and game say somewhere between 200-600 gal. have leaked from the tugboat. another gene has been spotted fur is for us to miles of land. it was discovered monday morning by the company dismantling the boat to recycle boards. and still continue has precontracted to do the cleanup which officials say could take up to three days. and petaluma, house and monday and hot, kron4 news. >> the coast guard is resuming its search for a woman who called from the water off the coast of to run the coast guard of the distrust all but 10:00 last night over marine radio channel direction finding and equipment located for just east of the peninsula the multiple calls and said mario went unanswered. crews will be sent out in a helicopter and boise add-on to continue their search for a moment. the best city vessels to keep an eye out a report anyone in distress on the water. also certain for to resume foafter an unsuccessful
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four days of a man missing from our days off for two weeks fredrics sales may been killed by efren valdemoro the same man suspected of killing his father along with three of the people. about 30 volunteers with authorities are searching a 1 a. tragedy only " they've found is a letter had the proves they're looking through trash from hercules. meanwhile with smoke with a man who lives near sales and shaken about the whereabouts of his neighbor. tittles in. >> i am thinking who was the died. i'm thinking also if he's still alive. or was he deader the is he dead already. but to me my perception is if he's alive he would sherbert v. but
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he still missing some maybe he was killed first. then he was dumped some morals. (inaudible) wondering why this is happening. >> and of course will of continuing coverage of the story has developed keep the ginger kron4 and your firm said will put information there and throughout the day. we also have live pictures to assure your honor breaking news story coming of the north bay, a major fire burning on a one-to-one near drake boulevard. here's reserve
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regional as and decadence is giving us as richard jackie was burning. jackie is there collecg information as soon as we get established will talk to him live get the latest from the scene. but here's a major fire burning our cameras are there. will follow this story momentarily. meanwhile we'll take a pretty quick break, we'll be back with more of lines in just a bum.
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in the nearby, breaking news today job on the senate fell a quick moving fire threatening homes jackie sissel is live at the scene. he is rid of of highway 101 near san francis drake boulevard their personnel learned and seen what is the latest? >> i can tell you it's a very small grass fire quickly
4:39 am
asserted to spread. in just a matter of minutes drybrush started to really pick up. brouwer reason video that i shot about a minute ago. you can see those trees really starting to take off. there are houses for livermore hundred yards away from where this fire is. it is directly above where this fire is a long 101. fire personnel quickly gone on to the scene. you can see, what kind of issue they had. not only was the flames' regencies sparks flying. through the air. all love dry tinder around this area. but does it come alive, you can see that looks like they've got this thing for a while knockdown quickly. it is a real hilly area over here. as they attacked it from the top, bottom. obviously the big concern now is hot spots. with all those embers
4:40 am
flying around, they do know i see this thing reignite. >> would is to receive a lotus 6 of those trees. he just give us a little perspective is kind of hard to make out with a being sirdar, this is a hellbenders has about? >> yes you can see the lights above the hill those are all houses rid of their in fact there's a house is recovery see that smoke. you can see the power lines, the pull of like a bonfire. he conceived fire personnel coming down. there's a road bridge above the you comprises st., box or fire personnel attack from the top. novices' that fire is free to move really quickly. of the help. this version of dry grass it really started to ignite again. that is to be the issue as you saw all those trucks: the studies and so close of is the the last thing they want to see is this thing to reignite.
4:41 am
>> what is a win like? >> it is relatively calm, but were really close to the bay. obviously we've got a little bit of a breeze slowing this morning it is kind of cool. but as i said there's lots of lots of dry grass. you can see right there are close these are. and there is lots of them. so did this thing were to reignite into a god, they would have some serious issues they're hoping to knock this done relatively quickly. it looks like a dog that had it all under control but his story to reignite. >> talk to me about traffic, is that >> said that as well one cells but. you can see the chp officer in the area, that is our driver
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to the area in front i drove by it was a very small little fire a turnaround and headed out the help and some of those trees started state rock. the move really quickly within a matter of minutes and started to spread i think that is the major concern they do not want see this thing reignite because of the dry grass mayoress everglades the hoses and the proximity to their word about. we can see with those lights, firefighters on the hill above and below listing tran get from all angles. they may take awhile. you can still see in your shot, flames. still foot green in the aggregate trees. and should be working throughout the morning to make sure all those hot spots are out. jackie thank you. we'll keep an eye on this chart. he will sit out there we will visit him periodically through the morning getting his latest from standard felt. we've got to take a quick break, we will your back.
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and we're back, blowing the lid is on a breaking news story coming of the north fence and fell, led the gesture new firefighters on the scene of a grass fire this morning. it started them to the little bit ago, it rather quickly, it is done so 101 the fire jerks out the lights easy, those are on cell phone 101 it is that had a hillside that abram working on. they look like they got their hands on all the flames are not as intense as they were just 10 of the growth. kron4 and jack sissel is out there giving us this shot. . you can see the five sides as firefighters continued to make their way to that area stomping out hot spots, there is any plant might see the worry a while ago as a jackie was illustrating was the embers they're being kicked up or this fire. responding by the
4:45 am
broker the wins, it is wrong. jackie says the windsor kron. but it courses through their in the beijing agrees to pick up here and there never the big worry because the hillside is covered by vegetation and their homes and just above the location or the fire is. that is the big concern that is as for spread see my cousin structures burned but so far looks like they're doing good work, we will keep an eye on this and obviously be keeping an hour on the wins out there as a roll. we have louisa in the weather center keeping an eye on them. louisa how are the ones? >> light. in that area. that is good news. it looks like they're moving in a northeasterly direction. in fact we can go ahead and take them up. just to give your idea where the fire is this morning, agency 101 kind of close to 580. this is an cinephile. and dozens of this point rally on the 3 mi. per hour. ones are a little bit
4:46 am
strong grass you have further south down the peninsula. and this file or friend of all the guns and then hopefully they get the fire contained. right now temperatures are 55 degrees. austin's images in the '60s as well. kind of war road to fairfield, antioch. pleasanton and greece. and about the same for fremont. 10:00, slow to warm only getting into the 60s the '70s. noon may be a few days, but for the most red 70. really slow to warm. 3:00, '80s but to the north bay, in the spots as well. as a collapse of the 7:00 hour bring us back down the '60s. a big difference from where aureus it. tickets these ties, 80 degrees and santa rosa. 81 fairfield, low seventies to
4:47 am
the valley, peninsula temperatures and marketing of '60s% of the screw, daly city. only talking about six years to choose. hough lows 70 said that even in the spots really just getting up into the low '70's may be a few eighties like a place like antioch, 70 degrees to livermore. the suspects, temperatures around 71.
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a couple of scary moments to what the giants game in arizona. tear children had to take the hospital after being struck one read that the other by a ball. a 13 year-old boy near the dugout
4:51 am
was hit in the right side of his head after sentences for grants losses by entering a swing. the bad end of hitting the kitten had at the next at bat he said the far wall and the upper deck resected true world kron4 had both will we find there were taken to hospital for observation. if we also have the latest with people being badly stanley roberts south gives his latest installment is allison. >> if you're bored in the the excitement my suggest san francisco's fisherman's wharf. better yet won a jury for a brief tour. first of blood to find parking. of your rego no left turn and drew raj. some drivers ignore it they didn't see it $7 per hour parking sign and changed their mind. if you
4:52 am
choose to use street parking here where the parking patrol now uses high-tech raised yet traders. this deviate tells them as a violation and they just go straight to the current fallout ticket is issued. and of the parking officer tells you to move he might want to move. this juror is getting a ticket. because you sure way to avoid the ticket he will get anon front-runner for a chicken in the mayor. also if you're going to visit the wharf bring real cash. believe it or not they got a funny money here. this is a fake $100 bill. the man who tried to use it told me he got from washington bank. except watching your show has been closed or year. the those provinces and will be turned over for further graduation. if your gonna be a street performer like a clown or silverman stick
4:53 am
to a theme. this man for the dog is asking for far dollars styria's dog back to life off no one intended when that was a working he surged to to hitting his dog reserves your wrist a school. of a wide. san francisco sheriff >> always if you have a common or story idea said in an e-mail people behaving badly of them much. we got sick another break but as we do, let's go back of siding give you another looked at live pictures of a grass fire near 101 will set them the upper hand but it was geared for a moment. we'll have more in the store in a minute.
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none of you as a bass drum for we did not know of his intent was to arm themselves. here's cutting a public nuisance as was trespassing. >> she just released his memoir earlier this year. and i am sure the you can't smoke to that of bookstore shelves soon. more than 50,000 people attended the annual burning man festival in nevada. not bad, pretty cool
4:57 am
late show. in the features are displays and musical performance and ends with the large burning of an effigy. you see there, strong winds were blowing during the electric gathering, they're dressing passions officials say everything went as planned so some are treated for died in a decision because of high temperatures in the desert. we're going to take a break, always keeping an eye on news ad we'll give you a another live shot of the north bay, a fire has been put out just recently a large fire just took 30 minutes ago. situations are well in hand. homes in the area rain in the fire but at this point it does not look like their friends. we will be right
4:58 am
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and bareback is breaking news. a quick moving brushfire in that area looks like chasm for them. jackie sissel is first on the scene to have a 101 jackie, the seeing were seeing now is a big difference from when a sound first arrived. >> yes much different. you can see that the emergency personnel was still out there you can see the five sides of this seems to want to make sure this fire is out. this is what to look like about 10-14 minutes ago as i was driving through kron430 rsi small grass fire right before you get to serve francis drake on 71101 by the time i made a u- turn the flames had started to creep up the hillside. you can see how a sense of the fires started to get this is even before the fire department got here. the big problem was the embers there were blowing around
5:01 am
outside and the fact that their houses within about a hundred yards of the flames. directly above for this fire was a lot of dry tinder on this side. it's a helluva job and run the were able to knock down. their year to make sure that every single hotspot is out. >> i would not be surprised to pg&e or someone was out there tequila the poll was written mill the flames. absolutely at that hour happened. it would decimate the going rate against the poll finds rich richer beside the bed and as i said the houses you can see our clothes they were. were this fire was. it is between the fire and those has as it is just drybrush. >> so far no impact on traffic
5:02 am
because juries than one-to-one? >> north run one no one so far in our traffic issues. the commune still a couple hours away. jackie thank you. jackie is following the story live from the scene rasa father leaned in the weather center louisa has been looking at louisa this morning's weather conditions did not seem that there were conducive to fire because you never know. >> firefighters are always a thing for weather to plan in their favor this case it really did. in this case you have the cool temperatures of some 55 degrees and cinephile also simulate wind that they're really not getting a much more than 5 mi. per hour. on top of that you had the humidity level. really every single line for the weather conditions is playing in firefighters favor. let's go
5:03 am
ahead and take a look to a local forecast this is how much cooler temperatures are going to be today across the board. 22 degrees cooler in san francisco today than there were yesterday 20 in redwood city and hayward. 19 to cinephile lyndon oakland. down into monday and 19 degrees, cooler where were yesterday. overall in huge coal down. pretty slow to warm. temperatures still in the '60s trading might defuse 70 down to the south they also livermore. by about noon surf and of keeping those temperatures in the '70s for and not getting much warmer than not even try to new highs 27 is around '60s on a peninsula. maybe a few days up in december rose a. 7:00, 80 degrees and sinners. that the
5:04 am
senate far, mill valley on getting up to those seven days and not of 60s today for san francisco, san bruno 68 degrees in san mateo. edward city, paul of those '70s as well. 70 degree reading for faster rally in hayward. 7 is also city and long spots. in looks like antioch will be one of the warmer spots getting up to about 81 bottles mergers really staying in the '70s. same goes for the south bay. 76 degrees in morgan hall, 75 in san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. big could get even cooler to march record temperatures for your wednesday. low seventies and and keeping it in the '60s around the bay '50s for the coast. check on your traffic with aircraft. >> of what july and your right to send a file on 7111 river force registered villard. small
5:05 am
grass fire there was burning on the red and suburban traffic is not affected because the midst of your hours away. not causing any problems yet we will fall this year of the morning. san jose, so they, you can see traffic conditions are falling still pretty easy ride no drums or server as a major way in the south indirection. a livermore company as you make your way northbound. no problems across the guadalupe over faster ride from downtown san jose still clocking in a pretty their recent 13 minutes. wrapping up with a quick peek at the creek, you can see traffic zigzagging ilan design in about direction of 600. to he also looking like a delay free ride. director walnut creek isn't a manager. >> thank you another story of the north bay, an environmental emergency near petaluma and old tugboat spilled gallons of oil and fuel and the river in the
5:06 am
clothes are there try to get this contains. it was discovered bison kayakers his submachine on the water near their petaluma arena. the fired from along with fishing a museum there flying out bloom also passed the impasse in rows on the river investigators is still came from an old tugboat that was being dismantled for to be celibate. as kron4 found out the workers this mailing that vote may not have had authorization to do so of his farm or. >> bay area ted were expert periods it was originated said. it's a barge company not far from location of the while seeking to embowed in the base of the died. although the investigation is in its early stages lin says their basic sciences this may now be unauthorized of the operation. >> the shattered by the fuel and oil lot of this vessel.
5:07 am
>> in fact a spokesperson for the farm and fishing days from that part of their investigation is finding know whether nog the company owns the tugboat has a harmon to dismantle it here next to their room. over the phone last representative of the company that the same question. if >> due to permit? >> i cannot answer any product inflation. >> in addition to possible fines there could be criminal charges if the investigation reveals that they did not go through the proper channels before starting this operation in any case this whole setup is highly unusual. >> not the normal load be done. >> officials say it could take up to three days no word on what effect this had. so far there been no reports of any oil or
5:08 am
birds. will you know. today will mark the fifth day that investigators will search a landfill for any signs of the missing man that of hercules furniture sales who you see here in this photograph has been missing since the monday of his father or carter sales was found more than a week ago police say he was beaten to death. more than likely by this man. efren valdemoro he may be response on for as many as five murders and all. efren valdemoro was killed by steven p. officers following a high- speed chase last week. visitors it will continue >> their search> they're still hoping they're determined to get the very last piece of debris. there will keep with it until we're done. it is scooped up, place in a clear indication where the volunteers of your manually piece by piece. >> our coverage of these
5:09 am
multiple markers will continue not only on our broadcast on line as well we have full details for you add any new information in this case will be frozen on our side during the day. we will be right back a shop order to run or we have cool conditions will little cool spell in store for forecast more details to come.
5:10 am
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when merrimack, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. not bad, miles, 81 degrees inland, 67 around the bay, 59 cows. look how much will it gets to mark, this city once turned the '70s. upper 60s tangelos '60s. you're so pretty much in the mid to upper 50s on the coast. so we're in a bit of a cool trend as a head towards the weekend even by saturday, sunday relatively mild only getting at the low 80s. still unseasonably
5:13 am
cool as a head in september. an updated of the north bay the coast guard is resuming its search for a woman who called from the waters off the coast to around the coast guard to the distress call around 10:00 over the marine radio channel they did some direction finding and located her position just east of tehran peninsula the multiple calls out to that area came back unanswered crews will be sent up there again today they will lose helicopters trapped on water at dawn to search for a moment to put the collar to surrounding wrestles keep an eye out that so far they have heard no reports from anybody. york please return to find out who shot and killed a man of that cartel last night for a body was found early this morning behind the w.c. its cartel on gateway boulevard 3-400 people they heard gunshots in the area
5:14 am
nearby could find any victims, they believe 26 year-old julia hughes may have been shot at the property there also try to find good of the had the proper form of that size. another break, we'll have more headlines here and again following that the relevant story of the north bay grass fire earlier this morning that threatened her own to it looks of things are under control and a live look to outside. the sharpness of the 101 traffic is flowing well. the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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, s.i. 5:00 p.m. a huge pool down today in fact everybody is looking at for the big jobs and temptress some places more than 20 degrees where we were yesterday. clear shot of san jose. no-fault currently at this hour in san jose. a temperature of about 60 degrees by noontime slow to warm, steady up to 71
5:18 am
degrees at high temperatures 75, back down again to the '60s were the barack tower. here's a look the current temperature of 55¢ a sister, oakland upper 50s ride since the '60s out there and fairfield, antioch. 58 degrees in livermore, concord,. the fog are keeping the assumption the '60s and '70s dances cells bay places like antioch, rosa. trochoid a mixture of '60s, '70s. as the afternoon as wall were much more than that 60s along the peninsula even into the afternoon, your horizons and rosa could get up and these same goes for in the spots. but none of the '60s by the summer of our. optimized to bring in a sept. 80 degrees. 81 degrees and to fairfield. a little bit cooler than on vallejo same
5:19 am
goes for cinephile, along the peninsula today cool temperatures in the '60s, 62 under san francisco, 66 in san bruno overseas bases is under richmond, berkeley 7 easter hayward in union city but the low '70's keeping seven is also do some of the warm spots said ron valley is in the seventies may be getting up to 81 in antioch, sub bay tempters arisen from a low seventies to mid 70's and san jose and upper 70's and less rose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. an even bigger dip in temperatures believe it or not. the fog was back again could see little bit of drizzle mostly sunny conditions but overall the fog keep cool forecast. check or near commune with erica. >> so far so good. xenophiles about one no one side of an hour earlier crash and are ready and soter is currently off. because it was so early is not affecting
5:20 am
traffickers are getting by the delay but the red hen latest trend closed. auvergne now to creek project no qualms whatsoever on the bay bridge cursors and i am by coming from the 580 from 800, e zero of course is leading lights are still of keeping a very good dry time is 18 minutes. it is also clear sailing under right to san mateo, clears condition that slightly thicker but no delays whatsoever no delay as you make your way. this has led making their way into hayward clocking is 14 minutes from end to end. will wrap up with a quick look at the golden gate, no qualms whatsoever nice, easy ride cars and moving at the limit. so about commute is only 22 minutes for novato and the city limits. james. >> thank you, an update now on tropical storm her mien. it has
5:21 am
made landfall this as the texas it is barely in the northwest direction. in fact for me in my back to gain status as she nears land attacking state runs a 65 m.p.h. you can see trees rooted out of the ground to a hurricane watch has been issued its effect for parts of mexico, texas there's also a tornado watch that is been issued for south texas and flooding to is expected to 12 in. of rain may fall before her mean gets passed. look all the rain, these shots again overnight. dozens of people have been killed by mudslides in guatemala. searchers are still pulling bodies in the mud covered highway where their back-to-back mudslides you're looking at the scene of for a bus on some cars were buried. one entire hillside came down on them. a national emergency has been declared, the death toll which is projected at a hundred is is it is expected to show up. dozens of homes are been damaged. meanwhile flooding is a big problem in australia as well.
5:22 am
some parts of victoria and fact are bracing for the worse. here is only the serial shot for people are being evacuated although some of them have been slow to get their in fact authorities are afraid that stubborn residents will be trapped if they keep refusing to leave their homes. there's are given a lot of damage to roads and homes. it is illegal but to their worst. meanwhile, hewlett- packard fere receive zero is now the head of oracle. oracle amounts that mark herd will become co-president you'll also be on the board of directors he resigned from h-p earlier this year after a search rows an investigation with herd tiring work also announced that charles phillips will resign. as resign he also resigned as a member of the board user the company for seven @ñn
5:23 am
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we're back, let's talk technology. did your member georgia from la cinq? some of us do some of a stone but kron4 is checked for gabe slate tells about a new charter that might be better for the empire men but also your wall and wallet. >> well in a hurry if it these days you'd no time for anything i think a lot of us leave our world chargers plugged in to our
5:27 am
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bullion. he employed the rise, from the zero charger it stopped trying out power from the golan is completely cut off its power drop. sigyn steven agee, save money, save the american league this charter and all day of the logo. the zero charges the same price as a self-centered or $20 it works of 18 to fall sky phones, digital cameras most are from a lot of different devices. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> we'll take a break, we'll in back with more top stories in a moment. here's a live look as we have to break, the latest on this story is coming up in the north bay
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
it was a scary moment of a roll on 1013 before he gets his offenses straight. i can say have been around for 20 a.m. as i was driving southbound on 101 i saw looks to be a small grass fire in the house side by the time i made a u-turn and came back four minutes later and this is a scene that i saw you can see the flames started to spread up the hillside. you can see the hot amber spread up the hillside to the scary part is that homes are about a hundred yards up the hill from where these claims were crews from korea era and was reared got to the scene. but to attack the fire front nearly free choice
5:32 am
side but also from the hillside that came down the hillside they're able to extinguish the flames rather quickly. but obviously with those hot embers going around and all the dry timber a few scary moments before the residents i am sure on the hillside above this fire. >> absolutely, if he switches back july shot. i noticed during our break their putting fliers out there those firefighters do not look like they're going anywhere anytime soon. >> i do nothing so. obviously as is said with all the dry tinder and the home so close by the new can see that there still love their obviously they want to make sure that any hot spots, and the embers that remain to not give loans to the hillside. reignite. that is always a big problem with these grass fires sometimes it's not the initial fire its the hot spots, the embers that later reignite this fire. they're afraid of them will be aired here on fire was
5:33 am
probably for a good part of the morning i would guess. >> it is 5:30 a.m. were getting closer to the heart of russia are so far is that far right hand lane of 10171 shutdown? >> right now they're on the shoulder. you can see chp has come said about your the of the house some fires you can see the emergency vehicles and the like of air-traffic anytime soon obviously of this thing gets extended to the morning and we see it go for another hours so that we did see an effect on traffic is re before the sir francis drake exit that may cause some problems of this thing goes much longer. thank you jackie. >> i also have a google worth map prepared for you to assure you we're we're talking about this is one no one is as france's jury, this is a fire that jackie is currently located that i want to zoom in, i will question. he started words of around 101 as your purchase or francis drake, he is at the scene there you can see
5:34 am
on the rich the houses that he was talking about and this fire was sparked rate their bad were the hillside begins. and of course those houses up on the ridge. as you drive along one no one noticed that after the right hand side that is for the fire is burning. the thrones were to run their one. looks like the situation is under control will check rejected your the morning. latest on the cooler forecast louisa. >> a cool down and fired today. here's a look of the bay bridge, no fog in the forecast we are seeing little bit creeping towards the close. starting to rebuild and now will play big role in our forecast. but today much cooler temperatures. currently in oakland about 59 degrees, 63 degrees by noontime and a high temperature not getting into the '60s. 67 but then again assisted by the the clock tower. big difference from yesterday noticeable difference here's a look of how much cooler in the
5:35 am
oakland 19 degrees cooler the where we were yesterday about a 22 degree drop in san francisco 20 into redwood city and hayward. none of your 19 degrees cooler. here's a look rainout at your temperatures as we head towards the 10:00 hour seeing some '60s, '70s and by about noon will warm up to the '70s really not much warmer than that. maybe in some of those in the spot for for the most for will stay cool by the 7:00 hour back down into the '60s. overall it is one of those days were you probably need long sleeve shirt. a.d. and sellers are pretty pleasant conditions there. fear of 81. los '70s the xenophobe. mill valley. 66 degrees in to redwood city. temperatures are in the low 70's will see a few seventies and to the east a place like a word, castro valley berkeley only about 63 degrees
5:36 am
today. sarah ron brings as temperatures and to the mid to upper '70's about 78 degrees for livermore. 81 is a hot spot and antioch. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. temperatures are in the '70s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. even cooler weather tomorrow and furniture inland spots low '70's a very cool weather expected a little bit cooler around the bay. shedding a few degrees average temperatures keeping them in the '60s in the '50s. erica. >> thank you the commune is slowly building or financing as a minor incident started to prop up the south bay, 101 no problems arise in the southbound direction conditions are slightly thicker as a major way northbound on 101. that is not here red a northbound 101 the ramp is closed due to an earlier accident. the writer's center cisco is looking pretty good practically a ghost town cars are moving pretty fast heavily at the limit. amounts angeles moving pretty good your redheaded these funds lower deck
5:37 am
is also a delay free ride but as you make your voice up found on 101 right before the exit we're hearing reports of some sort of object on fire currently in the right elaine c. dudley be extra careful of that no problems whatsoever under red to the creek. 680 traffic is moving along just fine. just pass of main street as you make your way to san ramon valley, the late free ride was found to far is movie of the limit. james. >> thank you, we rather news, including an environmental emergency near petaluma there's an all tugboats that is installing gallons of oil and fuel into the river. cleanup crews have been working on it all melos trying to contain it. first discovered monday morning in the petaluma river air power. about a 3:00 p.m. the fire department along with fishing game putting yet observer room you can see them they're doing
5:38 am
that they put them pass while on surface of the water investigators say this bill came from old tugboat that was being dismantled for salvage officials say it's unclear how much has filled but it doesn't stretch for least 2 mi.. it could take up to three days to finish cleanup. and this point no word on how this affected any of the area's wildlife. search efforts will resume at the bay area land fell after to for me for unsuccessful days after looking for clues to find a man who's been missing at hercules for two weeks. ms leaders think that frederick solace that may been killed by efren valdemoro the same man who is believed to have killed sales father along with two of the people. about 20 other volunteers along with volunteers are searching a 1 a. area of trash. the only clue that they have found is a letter had wycherley's proves they're looking to trash from hercules. we did speak with a man who lived near them. he was shaken
5:39 am
up about the whereabouts. take a listen. >> i am thinking who was at that. i am thinking also if he is the live. or was he dead are ready. to me and my perception is if he is alive he would assure a pretty. but it seems since he is still missing so maybe he was killed first. then he was dumped. some girls, a mayfield and nervous. you seem to recall what happened to,
5:40 am
you're wondering why this thing happened. >> obviously we will continue covering this story as above the keyboard to enter kron4 and also check our web site rewrite sigrid, will you back with more in a moment. a live look good but as will you back with more in a moment. a live look good but as we b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible.
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hole welcome back to the kron 4
5:48 am
morning news, now is 547 back to work week much cooler temperatures and once labor day finishes the temperatures come down and shot a san mateo currently at 58 degrees by noon getting evans the low 60s and a high temperature today in san mateo only about 60 degrees big difference in test it back down again to 61 by the the clock tower, everyone's they will feel let cool down this morning temperatures are for a similar to or normally are the seventh year. 59 and your oakland. it is none so worker way through the day that you're going to notice a significant call them, ctenophore keeping '60s around may be few '70s, noontime not much change by about 3:00 hour more '70s and the pitcher. maybe a few eighties as well the very limited. 7:00 bring it back down to the '60s. here's a look to those numbers, 81 for fairfield.
5:49 am
cinephile come of buffalo's seven days. along the peninsula we're struggling to get that the peninsula. 68 san mateo, 72 redwood city and palo alto. 63 half moon bay, 770 central valley, hayward, union city. 73 fremont. 771 the creek, pleasanton. 78 pence for the livermore. overall we're going to continue to see a cold and even tomorrow. check out those numbers 70 degrees that is the warmest to get this of indian lands by saying in the '60s around the bay. stay in the '50s along the coast, mostly sunny, the badgers may rebound a little but keeping it cool for the remainder of the workweek into the weekend. there could. >> thank you, not a single
5:50 am
incident report on the bridges. wrapping up the hours of the creek project a couple more cars the was on our last report but still very easy conditions from all purchase headed westbound just nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze and to fremont. it is also is selling on your red december sale conditions are looking very clear is a major win the commute direction those bright lights making their way into hayward so clocking a pretty ideal 14 minutes from end to end. no problems whatsoever, not to many cars on the rivers of fun commune the water to city limits 22 minutes. sure, none manager. james. >> thank you spread a day and as he is known is now facing a court date after his arrest for scaling the skyscraper in differences there. in fact we have video of the resin his name
5:51 am
is dan goodman, here is making the climb. he says exley to scare using suction cups. before finally getting down on a balcony that for a place for river and he made the climb showed cancer survivors could do then also to bring about awareness of the vulnerability of skyscrapers to terrorist attacks. please respond as quickly did not want to take any chances >> here is a public nuisances was trespassing. >> he just released his remark so i suppose you could pick that up at a bookstore near you. we'll take another break, back with more headlines in a moment let's go outside and a live look of the situation on one no one in cinephile, 1017 bound by sir francis drake, crossfire
5:52 am
overnight it did threaten some homes although looks like the situation is under control more knowledge. will us tufts sin
5:53 am
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5:57 am
less than they know you're thinking said in an e-mail at people behaving badly ed will be back with more headlines nearly deserted story straight ahead and let's goats i give you another live look from san francisco, our group camera sharing your pretty clear shot. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
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